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Read and Write EDID

Read and write EDID data over an I2C bus.


Load the Linux kernel module:

modprobe i2c-dev

Adapt the I2C bus device /dev/i2c-4 in the examples below to whatever matches your hardware setup.

Note: Be very careful to write to the correct bus! Failing to do so may seriously damage your hardware!

To read an EDID, run (as root):

./edidread -d /dev/i2c-4 > edid.bin

To write an EDID, run (as root):

./edidwrite -d /dev/i2c-4 < edid.bin

Note: The edidread tool writes binary data to stdout which is potentially dangerous. Redirect the output into a file or pipe.

For further usage information, run the comands with --help.


Validate the EDID binary blob with the edid-decode tool:

edid-decode -c < edid.bin