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ansible role to install a warning if your akku is low
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Ansible Galaxy MIT License

ansible role: akku warning

rewrite in progress!!!

cronjob is going to be removed!
systemd timer intruduces
variables may change!

TODO: Verhalten bei akku losen geräten verbessern!

This ansible role installs a bash script (per cronjob) which is executed every 3 minutes. This bash script checks if the battery level is below 25 percent and is currently not charging. If this is the case, the program zenity installed by this role will generate a popup message stating that the battery is low. While the battery level is between 15 and 10 percent, it will also attempt to play a sound. But this does not (yet) work reliably.

This role is tested with the i3 - improved tiling wm, installed by this role at Archlinux, but probably will work on all window magers and the most operating systems!

Installation and Usage

install with galaxy:

ansible-galaxy install do1jlr.akku_warning

You can execute the role directly via ansible ad-hoc commands, but it is highly recomended to create a ansible playbook

# example ad-hoc command
ansible -m include_role -a "name=do1jlr.akku_warning" localhost

example playbook with galaxy

- hosts:
    - do1jlr.akku_warning

installation via git

# download this role into your roles directory
git clone https://github.com/roles-ansible/role_akku_warning.git

example playbook

- name: install akku_warning
  hosts: localhost
   - akku_warning
    - role_akku_warning
    submodules_versioncheck: true


# simple version check for this playbook
# true is highly recomended
submodules_versioncheck: false

# which user are we currently using?
akku_user: "{{ ansible_user_id }}"

# which sound should we play?
akku_sound_src: 'files/low_battery.m4a'
akku_sound_dest: '/opt/low_battery.m4a'

# should we install cronie?
install_and_enable_cronie: true

# play a video in the background with sound
multimedia_akku_warning: true

# you want to install missing packages?
manage_packages_akku_warning: true


If you are missing some features or have an idea for improving this role, please feel free to open an issue - or even better - create a pull request.