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Ansible Galaxy BSD-3 Clause Maintainance

ansible weechat role

Ansible role to install and configure weechat.

WeeChat, the extensible chat client.

What can this role:

  • install weechat on Debian, Ubuntu, Archlinux or Fedora
  • add configuration from private git repo
  • autostart via tmux and systemd


 weechat__install: true
  • weechat__install: true: This role should install weechat. On debian based OS we add the official weechat apt source and install some plugin support and weechat-doc.
  • weechat__install: false: We do not install weechat
weechat__autostart: false
  • weechat__autostart: false: We do not install any autostart mechanism
  • weechat__autostart: true: This role install tmux and creates a systemd service to launch weechat inside a tmux session as user {{ weechat__user }}
weechat__install_plugins: false
  • weechat__install_plugins: false: we do not install any weechat plugins
  • weechat__install_plugins: true: We do install all official plugins specified in {{ weecat.plugins }} dict.
weechat__use_custom_config: false
  • weechat__use_custom_config: false: You do not provide a custom config from your own git repository
  • weechat__use_custom_config: true: You have your weechat configuration in a own git repository and want to use it
weechat__install_plugins: false
  • weechat__install_plugins: false we do not install any official weechat plugins
  • weechat__install_plugins: true we install the official weechat plugins defined in the {{ weechat__plugins: [] }} directory.
 - go.py
 - iset.pl
  • Example weechat__plugins: [] list
weechat__user: "{{ ansible_user_id }}"
  • the user to use weechat with. This value is used in the autostart task, the custom_config task and the {{ weechat__home_directory }} variable
weechat__home_directory: "{{ ansible_env.HOME | default('/home/{{ weechat__user }}') }}"
  • the path where the weechat home is located. If the variable {{ ansible_env.HOME }} is not set it will use "/home/{{ weechat__user }}" as fallback.
weechat__gpg_id: '11E9DE8848F2B65222AA75B8D1820DB22A11534E'
weechat__custom_private_repo: false
  • The path to your git repo with your personal weechat config.
  • This role clones the repo to the "{{ weechat__home_directory }}/.weechat" directory. (Also known al your local .weechat directory.) It will fail if you already have files and/or folders in your local .weechat dorectory.
  • You have to add, commit and push the local changes in your local .weechat folder manually. Please be aware that it is a good idea to disable your log or at least add the weechatlog folder to your .gitignore file in your personal weechat config.
weechat__custom_gen_ssh_key_pair: true
  • weechat__custom_gen_ssh_key_pair: true: We will generate a eleptic curve ssh key (if it not already exist at "{{ weechat__home_directory }}/.ssh/id_ed25519") and print the public key to the prompt. This will give you the time to add this public key to your private git repo for your own weechat config as deploy key. This is required to download your private repo withour username/password. This requires that you set {{ weechat__custom_private_repo }} to the ssh accessable version of your git repo.
  • weechat__custom_gen_ssh_key_pair: false: We do not manage access to the git repo with your weechat config.
weechat__custom_version: main
  • weechat__custom_version: main: set the git branch, tag, hash or version this role should use if you use a custom git repo for your weechat config.

References and Inspiration:


If you missing a feature, found a bug or have questions about this role please feel free to open a git issue. Or - even better - create a pull request.


MIT License

Copyright (c) 2019 L3D <l3d@c3woc.de>

The complete list of awesome contributros can be found here.