Ansible role to make sure your local client is up to date
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Ansible Galaxy MIT License

Check Ansible Version

What is it doing?

This role check the ansible-playbook version and will fail, if it is to old. This should help prevent bigger issues with to old ansible installations

How to use?

This anisble role should be executet on localhost.

Example playbook:

With ansible galaxy:

# install role
ansible-galaxy install do1jlr.ansible_version

Example playbook:

- hosts: localhost
  - {role: do1jlr.ansible_version, tags: [version, always], gather_facts: false}

Without ansible galaxy:

Add this role to your roles as ansible_version. Example:

git clone roles/ansible_version

Your Playbook could look like this:

- name: check if ansible is not to old
  hosts: localhost
    - default
    - version
    - always
    - ansible_version
  gather_facts: false


For possible modifications please have a look into the default Folder!


This role is developed on github. Feel free to add any Issues or PullRequests there. Thanks <3


This role is tested with these github-action tests for different versions of debian and ubuntu. Linting is tested via travis-ci and the official ansible github action. If you want to find out more about our tests, please have a look at the github marketplace.

test status Github Marketplace
Ansible Lint check ansible-lint action
Yamllint GitHub Actions yamllint-github-action
Galaxy Release publish-ansible-role-to-galaxy
Ansible check debian:stable ansible test with debian stable
Ansible check debian:sid ansible test with debian sid
Ansible check debian:buster ansible test with debian buster
Ansible check debian:stretch ansible test with debian stretch
Ansible check ubuntu:latest ansible test with ubuntu latest
Ansible check ubuntu:bionic ansible test with ubuntu bionic
Ansible check ubuntu:trusty ansible test with ubuntu trusty
Ansible check centos:centos7 ansible test with ubuntu xenial
Ansible check centos:centos8 ansible test with ubuntu xenial
Ansible check centos:latest ansible test with ubuntu xenial