Ansible role to install unbound - a recursive dns resolver
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Ansible Galaxy MIT License

Unbound DNS Resolver

Ansible role to install and configure the unbound dns resolver.


variable default explaination
unbound_listen_addresses ['','::1@53'] define interfaces and ports where unbound should listen
unbound_access_control ['access-control: allow', 'access-control: ::1 allow'] define access control
unbound__state present Package state. (use latest for explicit update)
submodules_versioncheck false run basic versions check. true is recomended.

For more options have a look into the defaults/main.yml file.


  • unbound.conf: Main unbound configuration file.



This role is tested with some linting tests. Sadly I don't know how to run this role in a docker container because systemd is involved... If you have ideas how to improve testing please dend me a message, open a issue or Pull Request. If you want to find out more about our tests, please have a look at the github marketplace.

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