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Ansible Galaxy BSD-3 Clause Maintainance

Ansible Role to install packages

The purpose of this ansible role ist, to install some usefull packages and to give you the option to install some additional packages. By default it will also add the ETH Zürich Debian Packages Mirror.


variable default value useage
packages__install_advanced false Install some advanced packages like tcpdump, mtr, fio and ethertools. See vars/main.yml for details
packages__install_python false Install some Python packages like python3-pip. See vars/main.yml for details
packages__install_cli false Install some CLI packages like htop, ranger and asciinema. See vars/main.yml for details
packages__install_extra_packages List of additional packages to install
packages__package_state present Package State, set to latest to upgrade packages managed by this role
packages__upgrade_all false Can upgrade all packages if packages__packages_state is to latest and the value is true
packages__adding_ethz true Adding the swiss ETH package mirror
packages__ethz_contrib true contrib packages contain DFSG-compliant software
packages__ethz_non_free true non-free contains software that does not comply with the DFSG.
packages__ethz_non_free_firmware true contains non-free-firmware packages
packages__ethz_security true Inofficial Debian Security Mirror
packages__ethz_updates true Updates Mirror
packages__ethz__backports true Backports Mirror
packages__submodules_versioncheck false Enable simple versioncheck to prevent running old versions of this role


Please feel free to open a issue or create a pull request.