Ansible role for manage ntp on a large number of os
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Ansible Galaxy BSD-3 Clause Maintainance

Ansible role ntp

Ansible role to install and configure the Network Time Protocol (NTP) Daemon.

This role was built with support for a variety of operating systems. Including Debian/Ubuntu, RHEL, Suse and Archlinux based Linux versions as well as FreeBSD, Darwin and OpenBSD.

Role Variables

In addition to the operating system-dependent variables, there are the following default values to adjust:

# defaults file for ansible-role-ntp

# Restrict acces on ntp server
# Default is: ::1,
  - default nomodify notrap nopeer noquery
  - ::1

# Ntp server to use for date synchronization
# Default is worldwide pool
  - iburst
  - iburst
  - iburst
  - iburst

# optionally set timezone
ntp_set_time_zone: false
ntp_timezone: 'Europe/Berlin'

# Enable or disable ntp statistics
ntp_statistics: false

# version check for this playbook (true is recomended)
submodules_versioncheck: false

Example Usage

Getting this Role

You can install this role using ansible Galaxy:

ansible-galaxy install l3d.ntp

Or download or clone this git repo. Example:

git clone l3d.ntp

Using this role in a Playbook

- name: Install and Configure NTP
    - {role: l3d.ntp, tags: ntp}
    submodules_versioncheck: true
    ntp_set_time_zone: true
    ntp_timezone: Zulu
    # In this example, we enabled optional version check
    # and set timezone to Zulu.


ntp on ubuntu

Author Information

  • This role was created in 2018 by diodonfrost.
  • This role was updated and maintained since 2019 by L3D (DO1JLR)
  • In 2023 this role moved from do1jlr.ntp to l3d.ntp Namespace.


Pleas feel free to open a issue or (even better) create a Pull Request if there is a problem or you missing a feature or something like that.